Our Footprint

As a socially responsible entity, PCYC Queensland is undertaking effective carbon management strategies to improve energy efficiency across our clubs and reduce our organisation’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Thanks to an Australian Government grant of $1.4 million along with our own contribution of $722,000, PCYC Queensland has been able to undertake energy audits and install energy efficient lighting to reduce our electricity and maintenance costs across all clubs. This in turn enables us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 2,000 tonnes per year.
  • Through our partnership with Gem Energy, PCYC Queensland has implemented more than 10,000 solar panels and multiple Tesla batteries at several clubs to ensure future sustainability. Further installations are planned for an additional 40 clubs in the future.
  • PCYC Queensland has registered as a community partner with Containers for Change, as well as implemented several collection points at clubs across the state, to help encourage community recycling efforts. Recycling efforts are also conducted at clubs and state office wherever possible, including paper, plastic, cardboard and printer cartridges.
  • Throughout our 56 clubs and state and regional offices, PCYC Queensland has implemented web-based solutions to reduce reliance on paper-based systems, increase efficiency and better manage administrative tasks.
  • PCYC Queensland is currently developing and implementing an environmental policy to encapsulate the ethos of reducing our carbon footprint, that includes a full fleet management review to improve vehicle efficiencies and lower fuel consumption costs.