Activ8 Advice: How Should I Approach a Healthy Diet?

Now that you’ve started the challenge, here’s a few tips that may help you in the following weeks:

  • If the protein sources aren’t to your liking, mix and match to your tastes and dietary requirements. Swap them for another lean source of protein, approximately 100-150g serve. For example grilled chicken, lean red meat, tofu, tempeh, baked beans, cottage cheese, and ricotta.
  • Do what works best for you! You don’t have to stick to each day of the meal plan. The idea with the plan is to show you suitable portion sizes and cleaner, fresher food options. Mix the plan up, change the protein type, have brown rice instead of quinoa etc.
  • Ultimately during the challenge, you are avoiding treats (sweets, fried foods, alcohol). If you are faced with a situation that makes it hard, limit yourself to a small portion. Then make sure the rest of your day is clean and involves exercise.
  • Lastly, if you have a slip up, don’t stress! Get back on the horse and continue what you were doing beforehand. No one is perfect: just remember how good you were feeling eating all that healthy food!