Activ8 Advice: Using MyFitnessPal

By PCYC Deception Bay Gym+Fitness Trainer, Jade Parker

MyFitnessPal App Demonstration

Watch a demonstration of how to use the MyFitnessPal app:

Instructions on How to Use MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular options for food tracking. Here’s a few tips on how to set this up:

  1. Open it up and click “more”.
  2. Goals.
  3. Calories and Macronutrient Goals.
  4. Put in your suggested calories from your coach then click the tick, top right above number.
  5. Put in your suggested macronutrient intake goals. Please note it is common for these to not 100% line up (on the free version, which is all you need) although just remember your three targets. Then click the arrow.
  6. Go back to the first page, click diary.
  7. Add in your main meals first by clicking add food, trying to have a protein source in each one. You can search your food or in the top right-hand corner, click the barcode and scan the packets barcode, if there is one.
  8. Click the correct brand of food you are trying to add. Then put in the weight of the food you are consuming. This is very important as it can affect your macronutrient amount. If possible, always weigh your food rather than using cups or “medium” etc. What is a medium apple? What is 1 cup of broccoli? It would be different blended as it would be if in chunks.
  9. Try and change the serving size to 1 gram, then the number of servings will allow you to write the exact grams you consume, such as 76g. If the food does not have the gram option, see if there is another option that does.
  10. Once you have added all your main meals, prior to the day of consumption, click more, nutrition and then check how close your protein, carbohydrate and fat totals are to your goal intake amounts. If you are down in your carbohydrates and fats, your snacks should be made up of these macronutrients. Such as rice cakes with peanut butter. If your totals are lacking in proteins and fats, your snacks should include these, such as an egg. Only add one snack at a time, always referring back to your macronutrient totals after entering each snack to ensure you don’t waste time adding in a heap of food, only to realise it has taken you over your total daily intake.
  11. Whatever you consume, you must track!
  12. Get your daily intake 3-5g under or over maximum total macronutrient goals every day. Some days you may have to eat unusual foods together to make your targets, but planning is key to avoid consuming majority of your daily intake early on in the day to leave you starving at night, or leaving it all till night leaving your struggling to consume it all.
  13. Sometimes MyFitnessPal glitches and you may find you have consumed your entire daily calories although haven’t hit your macronutrient targets. Also only focus on your macronutrient intake in grams, not the pie graph percentages or calories.