Activ8 Fundamentals

Master the Fundamentals of Fitness

PCYC Queensland’s exclusive two-stage program offers Gym+Fitness members 4 to 12 weeks of support from qualified Trainers – free of charge! Designed to help you gain and maintain momentum during your workouts, this program is available for both new, and current PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness members.


Stage One: Attend Fitness Education Sessions

Visit reception to book one of our eight education sessions* with a qualified Trainer, to build your health and fitness knowledge before commencing in our program. These include:

  • Preparing you for successful sessions, both pre and post workout.
  • Become familiar with cardio machines and weights.
  • Discover the body’s three basic movement patterns.
  • Master core movements to build a strong foundation.
  • Learn gym terminology.

*Program Essentials session must be completed, at a minimum, before commencing 12 week gym program. 


Stage Two: Start Your Fundamental Workout Program

After your first education session, your Trainer will identify your fitness level. Whether this is your first time in a gym, you have some experience working out, or you’re a dedicated daily gym user, your Trainer will provide you an activity card under one of the following levels:

■ Beginner
■ Intermediate
■ Advanced

Our Activ8 Fundamentals program includes activity cards that cover High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), full body, lower body and upper body workouts, to ensure a comprehensive approach to your fitness.

PCYC Queensland recommends completing one workout level for four weeks, before progressing to the next level. This means if you start as a Beginner, you will eventually progress through 12 weeks of this exclusive gym program; in addition to your booked education sessions – taking approximately one month to complete an entire level of Fundamentals.


Activ8 Fundamentals Workouts

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Terms & Conditions

Free Fitness Fundamentals program equipment demonstrations, advice and tips available to PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness members only, during supervised sessions; subject to staff availability. Session times are subject to change; contact your home gym for further information. Access to all PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness centres available to members over the age of 18. Group Fitness classes included at home gym, where available. Weekly membership rate of home gym applies – contact your local PCYC Queensland Gym for pricing details. One off direct debit set up fee $5.50 applies & ongoing minimum fortnightly Ezidebit transaction fee of 2.2%. PCYC Queensland membership included. $30 fob replacement fee. Activ8 Fundamentals is not available at PCYC Ipswich.

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