Activ8 Group Fitness

Meet Your Tribe

Join the PCYC Fortitude Valley Gym today & gain ALL NEW Activ8 Group Fitness at no additional charge from 1 February, 2021! Meet your tribe when you take part in an assortment of Activ8 Group Fitness classes! From fusion, cardiovascular, strength, boxing, core, recovery and even tailored 50 years+ workouts, there is a different style of group fitness to suit everyone! Each 45 minute workout has been inspired by the location of one of PCYC Queensland’s clubs, across the state. All Activ8 Group Fitness classes are run by qualified Gym+Fitness Trainers, so you know our workouts are designed to achieve the maximum effect for your health and fitness goals!

⏱️ See results fast with effective 45min workouts
πŸ’ͺ Specifically designed for maximum effectiveness
πŸ˜… All classes run by qualified professionals
πŸ‹οΈ Access to state of the art gym equipment
🏒 New multi-storey Gym+Fitness Centre
πŸ™Œ Build your strength & meet your tribe
πŸͺ 24/7 access fob included
πŸ“‘ No lock-in contract
❌ No joining fee
πŸ’³ PCYC Queensland membership included

How to Participate in Activ8 Group Fitness

If you’re already a PCYC Fortitude Valley Gym+Fitness member, meet your tribe by attending our Amped Activ8 Group Fitness class at 12:15pm on Monday 1 February, 2021! Activ8 Group Fitness is included in your PCYC Fortitude Valley Gym+Fitness membership – so there is no additional cost to participate! Activ8 Group Fitness commences from Monday 1 February, 2021 with classes running in an 8 week cycle. View the online timetable or contact the staff at PCYC Fortitude Valley for ongoing Activ8 Group Fitness class schedules information.

Not a PCYC Fortitude Valley Gym+Fitness member yet? Don’t worry – contact our friendly staff at PCYC Fortitude Valley to sign up as a Gym+Fitness member and meet your tribe at Activ8 Group Fitness, or drop by to take a tour of the multi-storey Gym+Fitness Centre!
Call (07) 3252 3365 or email [email protected] to join the Gym that gives back.
Alternatively, drop by the club at 35 Church Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 4006, between 8:30am – 7:00pm Monday – Friday.

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Ready to be challenged? Fusion workouts combine cardiovascular and strength exercises and are designed to make you work hard and dig deep!

PCYC Ipswich Legacy Group Fitness

Ipswich Legacy

Learn the basic strength moves to increase your muscle mass, while you push yourself to new endurance levels! Fusion classes are perfect for all fitness levels.

PCYC Cloncurry Ignite Group Fitness

Cloncurry Ignite

Advance your workouts and ignite your energy through a functional cardio and strength class using a variety of equipment not seen in your everyday gym!


High intensity cardio workouts ranging in circuit lengths to get hearts pumping!

PCYC Emerald Highlands Group Fitness

Emerald Highlands

Long duration drills for the competitive at heart, your highland journey is bound to burn maximum calories.

PCYC Lang Park Hustle Group Fitness

Lang Park Hustle

Bring the hustle in this intense 37-minute workout, designed to push your cardiovascular stamina to a whole new level.

PCYC Ashmore Wipeout Group Fitness

Ashmore Wipeout

Maximum equipment and minimal rest through functional moves to keep heart rates at an all-time high.

PCYC Fortitude Valley Amped Group Fitness

Fortitude Valley Amped

Improve your athletic performance and glucose metabolism through this high fat burning Tabata workout.


Combing heavy and lightweight exercises, our strength workouts will tone and strengthen your entire body.

PCYC Deception Bay Catch Group Fitness

Deception Bay Catch

An alternating upper and lower body strength-based workout, this class will benefit the full body in minimal time.

PCYC Gladstone Gassed Group Fitness

Gladstone Gassed

An EMOM (every minute on the minute) strength-based workout that targets the same muscle group back to back, taking your physical and mental strength to new limits.

PCYC Logan Track Group Fitness

Logan City Track

A timed strength workout, this class will wake up the entire body and help you perfect your techniques through a slow-paced session with high reps and low break times.

PCYC Fernvale Interchange Group Fitness

Fernvale Interchange

An upper, lower and full body split-strength phase, this interchange workout will help to build muscle mass through traditional weightlifting and functional moves.


Aimed to push you to your limits, we pair basic boxing fundamentals with a range of high intensity bodyweight exercises to get you boxing fit.

PCYC Toowoomba Peaks Activ8 Group Fitness

Toowoomba Peaks

Get your heart pumping with this boxing fit class featuring short output times and minimal boxing exercises.

PCYC Blackwater Crusher Activ8 Group Fitness

Blackwater Crusher

Feel the burn! This dynamic boxing workout features longer drills and minimal rest, where you learn basic boxing fundamentals and burn up to 1,000 calories per class.


Build core strength and strengthen your core through a variety of exercises targeting the core, abdominal and back muscles.

PCYC Goondiwindi Flight Activ8 Group Fitness

Goondiwindi Flight

Tighten your core, improve your posture and stability, and reduce lower back pain with these 10 abdominal exercises!

PCYC Edmonton Grind Activ8 Group Fitness

Edmonton Grind

Improve your core strength with a cardiovascular twist, leaving nothing unturned.


Slow down and regain your focus on recovery and stretching.

PCYC Gold Coast Whirlpool Activ8 Group Fitness

Gold Coast Whirlpool

Calm your mind, stretch out and enjoy a variety of exercises using different stretching products that will speed up your post-workout recovery and improve your flexibility.

50 years+

Functional, tailored workouts to keep you fit and fabulous in your fifties and beyond!

PCYC Cooktown Endeavour Activ8 Group Fitness

Cooktown Endeavour

Perfect for a whole-body lift, this slower paced workout uses minimal equipment and can be modified for any level.

PCYC Cairns Panorama Activ8 Group Fitness

Cairns Panorama

Using gym-based equipment and functional moves, this modified strength and cardio workout will improve your body’s capacity for day to day activities as well as overall body composition.

PCYC Bundaberg Glazed Activ8 Group Fitness

Bundaberg Glazed

Condition your body and keep aging at bay with this circuit training workout, completing as many rounds as you can during the session.

Join the Gym that Gives Back

PCYC Queensland Gyms really are the gyms that give back!Β  As a registered charity, PCYC Queensland has been working with the Queensland Police Service since 1948 to support more than 70,000 members across the state; including more than 50,000 young people, many of whom are disengaged or at risk. Find out more.

PCYC Queensland Gyms are COVID Safe

We appreciate the importance of safety and hygiene in our gyms and are complying with the COVID Safe plan for the fitness industry to ensure your gym is a safe and healthy place to work out. As well as increased cleaning and following all recommended measures we will also be taking the additional step of using hospital grade Nanocyn Disinfectant and Sanitiser misters to help keep our gyms infection free.

What are we doing to stay COVID Safe

Activ8 Group Fitness Terms & Conditions

*Must be a PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness member in a participating PCYC Queensland Gym; PCYC Fortitude Valley & PCYC Beenleigh to participate in Activ8 Group Fitness. Group fitness & 24/7 access included, where available. $30 fob replacement fee. Weekly membership rate applies – contact your local PCYC Queensland Gym for pricing details. One off direct debit set up fee $5.50 applies & ongoing fortnightly Ezidebit transaction fee of $1.10. 28 days written notice required for cancellation. Activ8 Group Fitness commences at PCYC Fortitude Valley on Monday 1 February, 2021. Activ8 Group Fitness commenced at PCYC Beenleigh on Monday 12 October 2020. PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness terms & conditions apply.