Activ8 Tip: Finishing Strong

By PCYC Lang Park Gym+Fitness Trainer, Deborah Meade

We can sometimes lose track of the reasons we started this journey in the first place. What made you decide to sign up for the 8-week challenge? Something prompted you to make a change or challenge yourself so now it’s time to revisit those reasons.

Review your goals which led you to commence the Activ8 8 Week Challenge and see how far you’ve come. Perhaps you wanted to get fitter, healthier, stronger or faster. You may have wanted to lose weight, drop a clothes size, or clean up your diet. Maybe you wanted to increase your energy levels or reduce your stress levels.

Measuring your progress to identify what you’ve already achieved can do wonders for your confidence and motivation levels to push through barriers. You have probably been feeling the benefits of the Challenge for a few weeks now, such as increased energy levels, weight loss, increased fitness levels and strength gains.

Now is not the time to make excuses or give up because the going is getting a bit tough. You have already done the hard yards and completed seven weeks of the Challenge. Your end goal is just within reach, so finish strong in the final week!