Activ8 Tip: Fuelling for your Workout – Stay Hydrated!

By PCYC Toowoomba Gym+Fitness Trainer, Taylah Ebzery

Staying hydrated is vital for physical performance. With the club’s water bubblers being closed because of the COVID-19 restrictions, it is important you ensure you have a method of re-hydrating throughout your workout.

Dehydration can cause a significant drop in not only physical but also mental performance. In addition to this, a lack of hydration will not only lead to a decrease in a capability but can also lead to a decrease in muscle growth potential – certainly not ideal if you are training for strength!

Staying hydrated throughout your workout will keep you feeling energised and motivated to complete the session. Methods of hydration can include water, sports drink, and protein shakes.

Next time you work out, keep yourself hydrated and see the difference it can make!