Activ8 Tip: How to improve your posture

By PCYC Dalby Gym+Fitness Trainer, Sally Mauch

This one simple pose below, if done for a few minutes every day will help improve your posture and balance!

Called the cat cow pose, or Chakravakasana, this yoga pose will also help improve the strength in your spine and neck, will stretch out your hips, abdomen and back and also aids with your co-ordination!

All you need to do is begin on your hands and knees in table pose, with a neutral spine. As you inhale and move into cow pose, lift your sit bones upward, press your chest forward and allow your belly to sink.

Lift your head, relax your shoulders away from your ears, and gaze straight ahead.

As you exhale, come into cat pose while rounding your spine outward, tucking in your tailbone, and drawing your pubic bone forward. Release your head toward the floor but don’t force your chin to your chest. Most importantly, just relax.

Simply do this pose for a couple of minutes a day to reap the benefits!