Activ8 Tip: Timing & Frequency

By PCYC Deception Bay Gym+Fitness Trainer, Jade Parker

Nutrient timing is essentially tailored for athletes. That doesn’t mean if you are not a serious trainer this won’t help you, but nutrient timing just ensures that you get enough carbohydrates, fats and protein into your system pre-exercise with enough time for it to benefit you via performance, replenishment and recovery to enhance your sessions results.

Meal frequency just helps to ensure you get enough food throughout the day to prevent binges, unbearable starvation or unbearable bloating and fullness all at one time.

The reason that this may not be everyone is only because it can cause the everyday parent or busy worker from overthinking and overcomplicating the process.

Put simply, the best thing to do is consume some carbohydrates at least eight hours before a training session, protein within 30 minutes after a session and protein with every meal if possible.

If this is not possible or too hard, the best thing to do is simply hit all your personalised macronutrient goals each day with only 3-5g+ or by the time you go to sleep for the night.

If you are a shift worker and get up at 1pm then go to sleep at 8am the next day, this period during the night is considered your “day”, where you are to try your best in consuming your macronutrient intake.