Activ8 Vegetarian Nutrition Guide Week 1

BreakfastApple Pie
Bircher Oats
1/2 cup natural yoghurt,
1/2 cup fresh fruit
with 2 tbs nuts
& 1 boiled egg
Capsicum &
feta omelette
Sweet toast,
plus 1/2 cup natural
yoghurt or 1 egg
Basic porridgeSavoury toastMushroom &
Spinach Omelette
Morning Tea15 almonds1 apple sliced with
1 tbs nut butter
1 piece fruit &
10 almonds
10 cashews &
1/2 cup berries
1/4 avocado on
2 rice thins
or ryvitas
1 carrot with
2 tbs hummus
30g trail mix
Lunch1/2 cup quinoa,
1 egg,
mixed salad &
1 tbs nuts or seeds
1/2 cup roast sweet potato,
1/2 cup chickpeas,
diced tomato,
mixed salad greens
bean & corn salad

with mixed greens
& balsamic vinegar
Spicy chickpeas
with mixed salad greens,
roast pumpkin &
2 tbs chopped walnuts
Leftover frittata1/2 cup quinoa,
1/2 cup chickpeas,
chopped capsicum,
30g fetta & olive oil
1 pita or mountain
bread with salad
Afternoon TeaOaty choc
coconut balls
Handful mixed nutsCelery sticks
with hummus
1/4 avocado & sliced tomato on
1/2 wholemeal pita
or 2 ryvitas
2 tbs hummus
& 10 almonds
5 cashews &
1 banana
Natural yoghurt with
flax seeds or LSA &
1/2 cup berries
Dinner Marinated
tofu stir fry
Healthy caeser saladGrilled tofu or tempeh,
1/2 cup rice &
Veggie frittata with
mixed steam veggies
Vegetarian nachosBarley pilaf with
mixed veggies
& tofu or egg
Ginger stir fry

Don’t forget to refer to your Vegetarian Shopping List to ensure you have all the ingredients to make these delectable meals!

If you’d like a traditional protein option, consider our Nutrition Guide Week 1 which includes meat and fish.