Activ8 28 Day Challengers 2024

It was fantastic to see so many challengers share their journeys during the Active8 28 Day Kickstart challenge.

One of the key advantages of the online driven challenge was it could be done anywhere and everywhere! This year’s exercise spaces included beaches, parks, lounge rooms along with PCYC Gyms across Queensland.

Here is what a few of our intrepid challengers had to say about giving their everything to reach exercise goals!


You can’t wipe the smile off my face right now or the first time in a long time I’m proud of myself. I’m learning to enjoy exercise and pushing myself that little bit more. I’m not as self conscious in the gym anymore and have realised no one is judging me or laughing at me- they are too busy working out! I’ve seen improvement in my overall health and fitness and feel so much happier.


Have achieved multiple significant in my view, including my first 28-day challenge! Made some new friends along the way and am feeling pretty darn good! Your support, daily posts and smiles have made this not just an achievement but a connection.  #PCYC I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and surprised myself with how much I’ve achieved. When’s the next challenge? I’m ready!


Day 24: Far out man/woman that was absolute carnage, I thinks every part of my body is sore. 1 hour 3 minutes. I did half burpees and the bike instead of the run. Happy with that after completing a 24-hour shift at work.


Day 24: Holy guacamole that was something else! My burpees were more like a slug getting standing up and then lying down push ups were either on knees or modified against a box and squats were to a box height. Couldn’t be prouder that I was able to get through that – albeit slowly and with some stunning faces.

And a few days later she said: There’s no way I would’ve said I enjoyed a hero WOD a month ago (or ever, let alone knew what it was) but I think that was my favourite along with the swimming day! Not because the WOD was easy – quite the opposite – but because it was SO tough and I can say I did it! So that’s a huge win in my eyes.


Challenge done, Hero WOD was my favourite even though I died doing that!

You are all AMAZING! I cannot wait until the next challenge! Can you? 😀