Can you eat the same thing every day?

By PCYC South Burnett Gym+Fitness Instructor, Lori

I have been a Personal Trainer for 13 years and have been asked this question more times than I can remember! There is nothing wrong with eating the same thing every day. The most important thing to consider when working out your meals for each day, is whether or not your choices will support your goals.

  • Can reduce decision fatigue as you don’t have to decide what to eat each day.
  • Can save money if you buy in bulk.
  • Can meal prep food for the whole week, and you will know what to buy from the grocery store.
  • Will easily be able to control what you want to do with your weight.
  • Can establish healthy eating habits.
  • Can get burnt out when eating the same thing.
  • If your daily meal is not balanced, this can lead to a lack of required nutrients.
  • Can lose out on good bacteria and gut health as you are not increasing the diversity of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Do you want to build muscle? Then you need to eat a surplus of calories and enough protein. Once you work out how much of everything you need, you can eat those same meals everyday for a year with the purpose of growing that muscle!

The real question is, are you a creature of habits that enjoys having the same thing each day? Does that make your day easier? Does it make you happier? If so, then do that!

If you are anything like me, love variety and enjoy eating out at different places with different food from all over the world…then do that! You can still achieve your goals, as long as you have the right formula!  Choose the right meal plan that will make you the happiest and yield the best results.