Exercise of the Month: Hip Thrusts

Want a nice gluteus maximus?

A little a pump to your rump, maybe? One exercise you cannot miss on your quest for your best cheeks is the hip thrust! However, like all exercises, if you do them wrong, you either totally miss the benefits, or somewhat miss them, and risk injury.

It’s important for the best form to make sure the neck, shoulders and torso move together. Your chin should stay tucked, not bent back or resting on the bench.

The hips and glutes should finish with a squeeze and a tilt of the pelvis. That is where you should be aiming to bring your belt buckle to your chin.

Your torso stays in line with neck and your head.

Finish with a strong squeeze at the top. Without that proper finish, many end up finishing with your lower back. You should not feel hip thrusts in your low back, it should be basically all glutes.

Lower the weight if you do feel it in your lower back and work at the technique before increasing your weight again.

Alternative: Glute Bridges

Glute bridges can be a great alternative for beginners to get started with this type of movement! Remarkably similar, glute bridges are done off the floor rather than a bench and have less range of motion. These are still a great way to get your glutes burning! For an extra kick – try adding a resistance band or some weight!