Exercise of the Month: Kettlebell Squat

A favourite exercise amongst our PCYC Queensland group fitness classes is the kettlebell squat!

This is a great full-body exercise that directly targets your glutes and inner thighs along with the need to engage your core and shoulders.

How to perform a Kettlebell (KB) Squat
  1. Choose a KB that requires effort when pulling up to your chin.
  2. Hold the KB by the handles with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Perform a squat, letting the kettlebell touch the floor.
  4. Drive up from your squat and squeeze your glutes tight.
  5. Drive the kettlebell up under your chin – relaxing your traps and activating your shoulders.

Tip: Be mindful to keep your abs nice and tight to protect your lower back and ease the strain in this area.

Now that you know how to perform a kettlebell squat, why not try 15 repetitions, 3 to 4 times in your workout this week at your local PCYC Queensland gym!