Exercise of the Month: Plank

The plank and its multiple variations are exercises designed to increase core strength and stability.

The core is basically the trunk of the body, which consists of the abdominal group of muscles, the obliques on the side of the torso and the muscles of the lower back.

In the pictures you will see a both front plank and side plank variations, with beginner variations for each allowing knees to touch the ground. The cues below align with the standard versions of each plank.

Front Plank

  • Begin with elbows under your chest and toes on the ground
  • Brace through your core by drawing your bellybutton inward
  • Ensure your body is in a flat position (hence the name plank). No bums in the air as shown in the picture
  • Ensure you keep breathing throughout the whole set

Front Plank (Beginner)

Front Plank (Standard)

Front Plank (Incorrect)

Side Plank

  • Begin with one elbow under your body to support your weight and with your feet resting one on top of the other
  • Keep your hips high to ensure your body is in a straight line
  • Eyes to the front
  • Extend your other arm up to the ceiling for balance
  • Brace through your core by drawing your bellybutton inward

Side Plank (Beginner)

Side Plank (Standard)

With both exercises begin with 30 second efforts and aim to increase over time. Slight shaking is normal as this is the muscle beginning to fatigue.