Exercise of the Month: The Deadlift

The Deadlift is one of the best functional full body exercises, with a focus on the lower back, core and hamstrings. Your posterior chain and legs act as a lever to lift up the weight, mimicking a basic human movement, where you “lift” a “dead” weight from the ground – deadlift!

The weight is intended to be lifted from the floor to thigh height and is great to increase strength along with your flexibility and range of movement.

To begin, set yourself up with your feet hip width apart, toes angled slightly outward and underneath your barbell. Bend forward and grip the barbell with both hands at shoulder width. Bend your knees and lower your hips until the bar barely touches your shins. Stick your chest out by contracting your scapula, brace your core and glutes.


deadlift step one


Prepare for your lift by breathing deep in your belly then drive your power through your feet into the ground as you pick the bar off the ground, keeping it’s travel path as close to your body as possible. Once it passes the knees, thrust your hips forward with a big glute squeeze and you will be in full extension. Reverse this movement exactly in the same order until the bar returns to the ground as you control your breath out on the way down.



If you are new to deadlifting, start with just the bar and increase your weight only slightly every week. Focus on getting your form correct first before adding load.

If you are not sure if you have it right simply ask one of the trainers to sit in with you, checking technique is one of our favourite things to do!

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