Fit and Fifty!

By PCYC Lang Park Fitness Professional, Leigh Kable

Whether we plod or run up the hill to celebrate our big Five-O, health and wellbeing are no longer a given. Agility will not help us dodge the middle-age spread, indulgent weekends take longer recovery time even if they become more affordable, and those blessed with grandkids, their own teenagers or even a new fur baby can struggle with endurance in the face of that relentless energy. Power is now only a power nap. Is it downhill from here with little resistance, swigging on an energy drink on your way into the abyss?

Fortunately, science is proving conclusively that as we age, even in the absence of an active youth, a moderate amount of exercise makes all the difference to our health and wellbeing. Benefits include better sleep, more efficient metabolism, less likelihood of chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes, and improved circulation for improved heart and brain function. Our bodies were made to move, not rust away like an old bike in a shed until movement becomes impossible. We also cannot ignore the importance of maintaining social networks in the absence of having a workplace after retirement, a time when some may suffer depression or lethargy from a lack of purpose or structure in day to day life.

Options for exercises are endless, but this wide choice can be daunting. The path from the couch to the gym may feel like a Tough Mudder assault course and the anxiety about how to start may make our palms sweat with foreboding as we focus on our perceived deficiencies. Fortunately, we at PCYC Queensland understand this, and your first-time gym experience will be memorable for all the right reasons!

Being over 50 can be like the glass that is half empty – or half full! Once you have chosen to enrich your life with exercise focus on the now, meet yourself where you are at and slowly increase your activity to the recommended 300 minutes per week. Sound unreachable? If you consider that the average movie time is 90 minutes, the average lunch date or coffee with the girls (or drinks with the boys) is 60-120 minutes, we can see that in perspective, 300 minutes gradually built up is not as outrageous as it first sounds. Motivation towards beneficial change is rather like a snowball rolling down a hill: it starts off small, but once it is rolling, gathers speed and size until its own momentum takes it along.

Motivation to exercise is organic, there are many strands just as there are many options for its fulfilment. Try a variety of ways to exercise until you find what suits, ask for help from a trainer if you need it, and keep your glass half full at a time in life that can be the beginning of many exciting opportunities with optimal health through exercise.

PCYC Queensland gyms are a great place to start, offering a non-intimidating and friendly environment.

To find out more about our over 50’s fitness, contact your local PCYC Queensland gym and start to your journey!

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