Group Fitness – Why We Love It!

Group Fitness not normally your thing?

Do you avoid group fitness classes, possibly due to the fact you feel like you may get “left behind”, because you get shy in front of a group or the likes?

PCYC Queensland group fitness classes have a set standard of a family like environment where you are sure to meet like-minded individuals to train alongside of, in a completely judgement free environment!

So now you know group fitness classes are for EVERYONE, let’s get into the benefits that a group class setting can provide you.

Group fitness classes are always instructed by a qualified professional. If you are exhausted from work or looking after the kids all day, a group fitness class can take away the thinking of what you should be training, and the guessing of if you are doing the exercise correctly.

We can all lift weights that are “heavy” for someone else, we can all run distances that exhaust someone else, but if we are not lifting weights correctly, or pushing ourselves to the correct and safe levels, we are not as likely to  get the benefits, or worst case, injure ourselves. To get coached on correct techniques or pushed beyond levels you would normally not take yourself, you would have to pay upwards of $30 for a Personal Training session. Of course, there are benefits to a Personal Training session, but if saving money is your thing, but being pushed is too, group fitness calls your name!

Lastly, having the friendships and the coach expecting you at class, helps to hold you accountable on those days you would just rather sit down in front of the TV.

Group Fitness classes can benefit everyone, physically, emotionally, and financially! See you at a class soon!

Find your local PCYC Queensland gym to view their class timetable.