Gymnastics Queensland recognises PCYC Sunshine Coast gymnastic success!

A big congratulations’ to PCYC Sunshine Coast, who made a big impact at the Annual Gymnastics Queensland Award Dinner in December 2018. PCYC Sunshine Coast took home two awards, including the Membership Growth Award and Performance Club of the Year.

Throughout 2018, PCYC Sunshine Coast welcomed some big changes that have positively impacted the entire club. Head Gymnastics coach Clare George says that the relocation of the club has contributed to the increase in members and the popularity of the new gymnastics program. The club has grown to welcome five coaches working within the new gymnastics syllabus, and proudly PCYC Sunshine Coast gymnastics now has over 350 members!

The PCYC Queensland gymnastics program has introduced four pathways for participants, including KinderGym, Recreational Gymnastics, Performance Gymnastics and Gym Sports. The introduction of Gym Sports programs including Free G, have changed the demographics, allowing more males to become involved in the sport. Since Free G was introduced, PCYC Sunshine Coast has seen male member increase from 15 to approximately 90 in only six months!

To find out more about our new gymnastics pathways, click here