How To Make a Common Meal Healthier: Spaghetti Bolognese

Let’s talk about Spaghetti. A common meal in many households that is quick, and can certainly be nutritious. However, if we’re not careful it can also become super unhealthy. Changing up the mince, sauce, and spaghetti can save you hundreds of calories.


Changing your mince from regular to lean can save you 116 calories, in just 100g of raw mince.


Don’t want to go down the line of tomatoes? Well even just changing the brand of spaghetti sauce can reduce your calorie intake. The Essentials Traditional Pasta Sauce comes in at 72 calories/100g, whilst the Leggos Pasta Sauce Bolognese with Chunky Tomato Garlic and Herbs comes in at 55 calories/100g. Whilst this is not much different, any little bit helps.


Adding in vegetables of your liking, helps to fill you up on lower calories, rather than possibly filling up on the pasta. It also allows you to increase your daily fibre intake which makes you feel fuller and helps to process your food. Whether you choose frozen or fresh, nutrients and calories are the same. It just comes down to personal preference.


Finally, the pasta. Woolworths brand Spaghetti pasta comes in at approximately 357 calories/100g. Try switching this up with basmati rice at approximately 146 calories /100g (microwave option).

So overall, changing the mince saves you 116 calories, the sauce saves you 17 calories, and the pasta a whopping 211 calories saved, bringing the total calories saved to 344!

Whilst we are on the topic of making meals healthier, an important tip is to be mindful that ‘healthy’ alternatives don’t catch you out. Going for the Celebrate Health Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce is almost identical in calories to the Leggos option, however, is almost 3 times the price. If you’re wanting a vegan, no sugar, gluten-free and all-natural option, great. If not, the standard crushed tomatoes will do the trick, for much cheaper. The ‘healthy’ options aren’t always the best calorie-wise.