How to make smarter, healtheir choices when grocery shopping

By PCYC Dalby Gym+Fitness Instructor, Renee Harrison

The task of grocery shopping is an unavoidable task that you either love or loath. It is a harsh reality that the cost of living is on the rise which can limit the affordability of the foods that are more beneficial for our health.

There also appears to be an increasing amount of food wearing the ‘health food’ banner when in reality they are better placed in the confectionary aisle.

Using our 7 tips for healthy shopping success should soon have you skipping down the aisles:

  1.  Shop for everything that you need, not for things you want.
  2.  Opt for less processed whole foods.
  3.  Plan a weekly menu, write a list accordingly and stick to it. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  4.  Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, as this will encourage you to pick up extra snacks along the way.
  5.  Shop online. This will help you prevent purchasing extra items you don’t need and will help you stick to the necesseties. Supermarkets often offer multiple delivery and pick up methods from as little as 60 minutes that will save you time and money walking through the aisles.
  6.  Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season or opt for frozen varieties out of season.
  7.  Don’t neglect the foods you love. A healthy balanced diet doesn’t mean going without the foods that bring you joy and comfort your soul. It’s all about balance and moderation.

At the end of the day a healthy grocery shop does not have to be doom and gloom or all about lettuce!  If you focus on shopping for foods that nourish your body and bring you joy then you can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!