How to stay on the wagon through the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas has always been a time to rest, celebrate with family… and indulge in delicious food!

While there may be increased temptation to overeat at this time of year, there are some ways you can enjoy the festive season without undoing all your hard work throughout the year. Here are some of our top tips on how to stay on track this Christmas.

  1. Have a good attitude heading into the festive season.

Whilst we wish calories didn’t count over the holidays, we need to be realistic and set our goals in advance.  Make sure you have an idea of what your boundaries are and stick to them! Maybe it’s having one dessert instead of two. Choose something that will work for you and is achievable.

  1. Do not throw your routine out the window.

You have been eating and training well all year, don’t throw it all away over the holidays. Keeping up your exercise is crucial to ensure you don’t regress. Consistency is key, so even if you’re not sweating it out in the gym, try and schedule in some active time during the day. Why not use this as an opportunity to spend extra time with the family, hiking, swimming, or even playing backyard cricket?

  1. Eat your calories, don’t drink them.

Fuel your body with whole foods to keep up your energy levels. Try to limit your alcohol intake and sugary drinks, as these are full of empty calories!

  1. Stick to your current food choices.

If you’re eating lots of veggies and salads throughout the year, try and select these as food choices at Christmas time. You’ve put in the hard yards to develop healthy habits so keep eating the nutritious foods you’re body has become accustomed to.

They call it the silly season for a reason, but you don’t have to fall into the trap! We hope our top tips will help you stay on the wagon this Christmas.