Meet our Gymnast of the Month: Brook from PCYC Fernvale

When did you join PCYC Queensland? 

I joined PCYC Queensland in 2016. 

Why did you choose to take up Gymnastics? 

I chose to take up gymnastics because it looked like a lot of fun. I also wanted to learn new things.  

What are you training for personally at the moment? 

I am personally working hard on my flexibility. I would like my left, right and middle splits to be on the floor by the end of the term. I have been stretching and working hard to achieve this.  

Would you recommend PCYC Fernvale and why? 

Yes! PCYC Fernvale is such a warm and welcoming place. Gymnastics has really developed my motor skills and I have also made a lot of new friends.  

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