Meet our Gymnast of the Month: Kyuss from PCYC Ashmore

When did you join PCYC Ashmore? 

I joined the club in 2020!

Why did you choose to take up gymnastics? 

I felt it was the perfect sport to help improve my strength and coordination, which I can use in other activities as well.

What is your favourite moment in gymnastics or sport? 

This would have to be when I was able to hold the longest handstand in class and winning class competitions. I was really able to show off my skills!

What are you training for personally at the moment? 

To become stronger with my skateboarding so I can keep balance and eventually do handplants, on the edge of the skateboard bowl.

Would you recommend PCYC Ashmore and why? 

I would recommend it because it is good for girls and boys and helps us get better with other sports. There is lots of kids who do boxing and dancing here too. There is an awesome café we can sit at, and eat after training in our different sports.  I have made lots of friends here.

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