Meet our Gymnastics Coach of the Month: Ryanda from PCYC Toowoomba

When did you join the PCYC Toowoomba gymnastics team? 

I actually started gymnastics in 2015 at PCYC Toowoomba and since then I have become a coach. I started coaching in 2021.

Why did you become a coach? 

I love gymnastics! I want to share the passion and knowledge I have with the next generation of gymnasts.  

What is your favourite outcome of gymnastics or sport? 

I love the feeling of overcoming mental blocks. Sometimes, I’ve had a block for several months and my coach is very patient with me and we work through it. Only recently, I was trying to master a roundoff back tuck dismount off beam, which I had to push through to finally complete. I feel so much better now, after coming through it and learning lessons along the way.  

 What are you training for personally at the moment? 

Currently as a gymnast I am working towards Queensland State Titles and my long-term goal of attaining Level 10.  

As a coach, I am completing a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation as well as fitness. I will also be working towards my intermediate coach accreditation this year.

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