Meet Our Gymnastics Coordinator Nicole Brown from PCYC Bowen

When did you become involved with PCYC Queensland?

I was involved with PCYC as a child, doing gymnastics at our local club in Ipswich. And of course the Blue Light Discos as I got older. My own children have also attended the OSHC service over the years. I started volunteering for PCYC Bowen late 2019 after a very random but career changing conversation with our YCM Sgt Michelle. After working in retail for over 25 years, I was looking for a change.

When I dropped my son to gymnastics one afternoon, Michelle and I were chatting and she asked if I would be interested in becoming a gymnastics coach. I kind of laughed at the idea, thinking I wouldn’t be any good at it, but after a conversation with my husband I called Michelle back and that was the start of my new career for me! I am so very grateful for both the conversation with Michelle and the support from my husband, because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else now! After nearly 2 years, I am an Advanced Mod 1 coach, and gymnastics coordinator.

What does PCYC Queensland mean to you?

If I think about PCYC QLD, I always think of it’s strong community involvement. The programs and activities that my children and myself have had access to over the years are so very valuable. My 2 younger children are both involved in the gymnastics program, and my 11 year old daughter Millie is in the R.UB.Y. Crew. They are regularly involved in activities over the holidays, and when they walk through the doors, they know they are safe and valued.

Do you have a favourite PCYC Queensland moment?

That’s a tough one, there are so many! One of my favourites though would have to be the conversations I have with the kids in my gymnastics program. I have had a few kids that have told me that I am one of their safe people, and they love coming to gymnastics. I can’t actually put into words how that made me feel, but the honour I feel to be apart of these kids lives is amazing. They are wonderful little humans, and they bring so much joy to this club.

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