Meet our Member of the Month: Jason from PCYC Logan

Jason has been training at PCYC Logan since October and loves working out at the new gym!

Tell us about how your fitness journey is going?

I have played Football since I was four years old, finishing my career as a semi-professional player just last year. Since retiring, I have really enjoyed reconnecting with the gym outside of the strength and conditioning work we would do as a part of our training and focusing in on my own goals again.

In July I ran my first marathon, taking on the 42km Gold Coast Marathon with just 3 months of training. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend such a short lead time to others and I’m not looking to take on another long-distance race just yet, finishing the marathon was a great personal challenge and one that will be a highlight for me for many years to come.

What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

It’s hard to choose one piece of equipment out of the great set up at PCYC Logan. The squat rack set up is perfect for a leg session with a gym buddy and the lat pull down always gets a good burn going. I am also loving the TechnoGym cardio equipment and their guided sessions to help you push hard.

What’s your favourite class?

I love the Activ8 Group Fitness HIIT workouts – they are a great way to stay motivated and really challenge myself from a cardio perspective. The music is always great and the instructors really work hard to get the most out of you.

What are your next fitness goals?

I am looking forward to hitting some new personal bests at the gym as I get back into strength training whilst trying to stay fit enough to keep up with my four-year-old son!

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