Meet our member of the month: Luke from PCYC Deception Bay

What is your favourite part about PCYC Deception Bay?

The staff and community atmosphere that PCYC Deception Bay has. I also loved parts of the Activ8 28 Day Challenge, but NO more hero works outs!

Tell us about your fitness journey.

It is very complex but simple as well.  My work outs are done primarily for my own mental health and wellbeing. I love to work out but now I work out smarter, not harder. My fitness journey will again change when my 11-year-old daughter is old enough to work out in the gym as well and I am very much looking forward to seeing that day.

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

Love the bike for cardio, warms ups and warm downs. I also enjoy both front and back squats when lifting weights.

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