Meet our Member of the Month Michael Roberts from PCYC Dalby 

How long have you been working out at PCYC Qld?

6 months

Tell us about how your fitness journey is going?

My stomach is getting smaller, this was an issue for me. I’m most happy with my blood pressure as I was previously on two doses of BP medications. Even then, my blood pressure was too high. My blood pressure has dropped, and I’m back to only one dose. I am working so overtime I will be able to drop back to no medication. I’m feeling way stronger and fitter!

Why did you choose to train at PCYC Qld?

I love the classes and the knowledge of the trainer’s. I like the different classes, and learning how to use equipment and machines. Very cool classes!

What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

Plate Loaded Chest Press!

What’s your favourite class?

Pump with Rach!

How many times do you visit the gym a week?

Initially I started with 3, now I’m up to 6 sessions. This includes classes and workouts.

What’s your next fitness goals?

I want to continue to get stronger and build muscle. I want to improve my cardio in classes! I’m learning lots, and I don’t want to stop.