Meet our member of the month: Paul from PCYC Goondiwindi

Paul inspires the community at PCYC Goondiwindi with his outlook on life, dedication to his healh, and his chats with the PCYC Goondiwndi community!

How long have you been a member at PCYC Goondiwindi?

I started during November 2009. I was doing a bootcamp group fitness class that was run by three people that weren’t originally a part of PCYC Goondiwndi. One of the trainers moved on to be a Gym+Fitness instructor at the PCYC Goondiwndi and I decided to join the community! Before long, the instructor was running five morning and four evening classes, and I did all of them!

What do you love about PCYC Queensland’s Gym+Fitness space?

I love the quality of the classes and the well as the trained instructors – I have faith in that they won’t ask me to do things beyond my abilities and cause possible injuries. I also love that the rooms are airconditioned and well equipped. For a very reasonable cost, the gym is open 24/7 via FOB access and I often use that option on the days when there are no exercise classes available. I use my FOB at another site when I’m on leave at no extra cost.

Tell us about your fitness journey, what are your fitness goals?

I’ve always enjoyed fitness and have found it to be very beneficial to my mental health.  I get to know like-minded people who enjoy fitness as well.  As I get older, my goal is to be physically and mentally fit and be able to enjoy my older age when the time arrives. I exercise most days for an hour or so and I try to maintain my heart rate at 70-80% of my maximum rate for my age during that hour.

What is your favourite workout?

I enjoy cardio workouts that involve plenty of skipping, rowing and running. Body weight exercises such as  squats, push ups and sit ups, and some weight workouts are super.

What is your favourite Gym+Fitness class?

Any class that gets my heart rate up, raises a sweat and makes me work hard is a favourite for me. They are all good as long as I can have a bit of a chat along the way!

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