Meet our Member of the Month Peter from PCYC Hervey Bay

Meet one of PCYC Hervey Bay’s favourite gym members.  Peter Coburn is a valued member, full of life, knowledge and a good joke or two.  

How long have you been working out at PCYC Hervey Bay? 

I started coming here around January/February last year.  It hasn’t been very long, but I really enjoy coming here.  

Tell us how your fitness journey is going? 

It’s been going really great, I’m starting to gain size and looking really toned. But I do have to work hard to achieve results.  I’m a big believer in hard work in the gym to achieve the results you want. It’s all about having a balanced program, a program that you follow.  Coupled with a balanced diet is also very important. 

Why did you choose PCYC Hervey Bay? 

I have friends who come to PCYC Hervey Bay to play badminton and my wife also does Zumba and Pilates at PCYC Hervey Bay; so it’s very convenient to come here and workout at the same time as my wife’s Zumba classes. 

What’s your favourite exercise? 

I really love deadlifts and squats.  I love the feeling I get when doing these big lifts.  They are tough, but I always feel great afterwards. 

What’s your favourite group fitness class at PCYC Hervey Bay? 

I don’t do any of the fitness classes here, I leave that to my wife, she loves her Zumba and Pilates. 

How often do you visit the gym? 

You’ll find me here 5 days a week. 

What is your fitness goal? 

Muscle toning and strength building are my main goals.  Being healthy with a great level of fitness is very important to me, especially as I’m getting older.  It’s very important to keep my body healthy.  

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