Meet our Member of the Month: Tracy from PCYC Gold Coast

Tracy has been training at PCYC Gold Coast for 15 years and consistently visits our gym four to five times a week! She loves the welcoming atmosphere and feels like she is training with her extended family and friends.

Tell us about how your fitness journey is going?

I guess I don’t consider it a journey anymore, rather an essential part of my lifestyle. I have played sports most of my life but focused more on the gym and running after gaining weight with my first pregnancy.

During my time at PCYC Queensland, I have enjoyed working towards and completing a few fitness/mental goals that include running a full marathon, competing in a figure competition, Tough Mudder, Kokoda Challenge, mini Triathlon and a boxing fight. I absolutely love boxing because it is so challenging and there’s always room for improvement!

What’s your favourite piece of equipment?

It depends on what muscles I feel like training, you can do so many things with a simple dumbbell, however, I do enjoy the leg extension and press machines to test my capabilities.

What’s your favourite class?

It would have to be either the boxing classes, or the group fitness strength classes! They have an awesome variety and ensure a good work out!

What’s your next fitness goals?

I forget I’m not 21 anymore, so my body and mind don’t always align which leads to overuse injuries!

I’m more excited to share my passion for health and fitness with others, as I am halfway through a university degree to become a nutritionist so I can help people with their goals.

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