Meet our Trainer of the Month Cat Gallaher from PCYC Hervey Bay

When did you join the PCYC Hervey Bay team? 

February 2021, just a few short months ago. 

Why did you become a trainer? 

Fitness has always been my life.  Competing with my sisters as kids with every type of sport we could find; running, swimming, touch footy, netball, softball…you name it my sisters and I aimed to be the best and beat each other while doing it.  You could say if I wasn’t throwing, kicking or chasing a ball, I’d be running, swimming or riding my pushbike around.  I discovered outdoor bootcamps, and it was love! Bootcamps before work, gym after work! I was hooked! It made perfect sense to me to become a PT and run my own fitness business.  I am living the dream. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m very determined and I was soon learnt all the different aspects of running and growing a fitness business. 

What is your favourite moment in fitness or sport? 

I was absolutely floored and honoured by my local Rotary Club, when they awarded me with the Vocational Excellence Award.  I’m not someone who does good things to be recognised for it.  I do it because I honestly love to help people and make their day. In fact, I’d rather hide behind the scenes and let other have the limelight.  So when out of nowhere, a Rotary member said they have been noticing me and all my hard work, not only with my fitness business, but within the community too, and want to nominate me for this award, I was speechless and extremely humbled. 

What are you training for personally at the moment? 

I have recently completed a Rehab Trainer course, and I am looking into more specialised training for members who have disabilities, going through rehab, or have injuries.  Basically, I’m aiming to help people to move better, feel stronger and allowing them to recognise their disabilities don’t hold them back from reaching goals.  

What is one word that describes you? 

Am I allowed more than one word…?  

Determined. Competitive. Unlazy – is that even a real word… ?? Empathetic. Gullible.