Meet our Trainer of the Month Jade Parker from PCYC Deception Bay

When did you join the PCYC Deception Bay team?

I can’t quite remember, but it would have to be around 2015/2016. I originally started as a Contractor to help out, before becoming a permanent employee a few years ago now.

Why did you become a trainer?

I was representing Australia for BMX Racing all around the world, whilst seeing my cousin that was severely disabled, not able to do so. I knew I loved to help people because as a family, we ensured he still lived a fulfilling life. I also knew I loved keeping healthy. Putting the two together and becoming a trainer, was a no brainer. Exercise to me, is for everyone, and can help in all different ways.

What is your favourite moment in fitness or sport?

I will never forget the moment I crossed that finish line in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the World Championships, in first. I led the race start to finish. My family and sponsors had sacrificed so much for me to get there, at just 15. Seeing how proud my Dad was in the grandstands and hearing my family when we rang to tell them, even though it was 2am in Australia, still makes me tear up. I live to make my family proud.

What are you training for personally at the moment?

I’m currently training to promote a healthy relationship with exercise, to my children. At the time of writing this, my daughter has just turned 3 and LOVES to workout with me in our home gym and knows more exercise names than words. Not literally, but if I say an exercise, she knows exactly how to execute it, with enjoyment. My son is also 5 months old and sits in the bouncer as I train. It’s the one time he’s happy to just sit there! There is too much stigma around training for weight loss, instead of mental clarity and all-round wellbeing.

What is one word that describes you?

Adventurous. I can’t sit still. Whilst I know the benefits of rest, and whilst I love sleep, especially with a 5-month-old that doesn’t, I still love to make the most of life. Each day is a new day to enjoy this wonderful place. So much so, that each month, my husband, kids and I, are sure to have a weekend getaway to somewhere, to create memories, over possessions.

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