Meet our Trainer of the Month Kate from PCYC Fortitude Valley

PCYC Queensland is very fortunate to have some of the most professional and passionate trainers in the industry. Kate Stower cares deeply for her members and is a much-loved trainer at PCYC Fortitude Valley.

When did you join the PCYC Fortitude Valley team?

Upon opening of the brand new Facility in October 2020.

Why did you become a trainer?

Coming from a corporate background, I have experienced first hand the health problems in day to day life resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. By working hard to ensure that I was in control of my personal health, fitness, lifestyle and mindset for the demands of everyday living in a corporate world, I learned to combat a sedentary lifestyle through commitment to consistent functional training and unrefined eating. I also inspired those around me to find their own individual healthy track. This quickly turned into my primary motivation each day and has never left me. 8 years later, I am still waking up with a focus to continue to improve the health of not only myself but assisting to improve the quality of the life for those around me.

What are you training for personally at the moment?

Having recently completed my Boxing Coaching certification with one of Brisbane’s best boxing trainers and fitness mentors, I have been inspired to approach my training with an added value of discipline. For a very long time I thought I understood discipline, I thought discipline meant commitment – as commitment had been allowing me to see some pretty great results.

Commitment is a fundamental aspect to training –  it is dedication to the plan and is a very powerful tool in achieving goals.

And for discipline, it is the insight to be able to modify the plan when necessary.

Commitment will see you train every day that you have planned to. But discipline is allowing yourself to understand the purpose of your training, whilst staying focused (committed) and modify it if the goals are not being met, technique training or your body just needs to rest. Perhaps we can even call it self-awareness.

Discipline can be practiced within your commitment, and this is my current focus – to change the way I train, with insight, practicing discipline within my commitment.

What is one word that describes you?

Positive! In my opinion, that half glass is always half full 😊

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