Meet our Trainer of the Month: Nadine from PCYC Lang Park

When did you join the PCYC Lang Park team?

I joined PCYC Lang Park firstly as a business owner, conducting a personal training and sports massage business for approximately 5 years, in 2005 and I joined the PCYC Lang Park family thereafter, in 2010. I have been with PCYC now for 16 years.

Why did you become a trainer?

My passion is to help people, by improving their health and wellbeing both physically, mentally and emotionally. I was a sports massage therapist for a period of time and I was privileged enough to receive a scholarship from AIF, to complete my Cert IV in Personal Training, which I felt complemented my existing occupation and was in line with my vision, which was to expand and grow with a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing.

What’s one word that describes you?

Intuitive. Having the ability to sense what other people are thinking and feeling, without any conscious reasoning, provides me with a natural ability to connect with people and build trust instantly.

What are you training for personally at the moment?

As a self-motivator, I am currently training on a daily basis for my own personal improvement in strength and fitness with a focus on mental health and to be in the best shape that I can possibly be. Due to the events of COVID-19 and learning very quickly how quarantine affected myself, my family and the community abroad, I noticed a huge shift in people’s attitude by placing higher importance on their physical and mental health. Strong body + strong mind = optimal health.

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