Meet PCYC Hervey Bay gymnastics coach Stacey Vanderwegen

When did you become involved with PCYC Queensland?

I became involved with PCYC Queensland 20 years ago.

I have a lifelong background in gymnastics being involved since I was six years old, and I first volunteered at PCYC Hervey Bay as the gymnastics coach.

I loved the club and the people, and the coach at the time saw my ability and the opportunity to retire and train her successor…so I gained my official Gymnastics Queensland accreditation through the club, and I am still here 20 years later!

What does PCYC Queensland mean to you?

PCYC Hervey Bay is my second home. I am proud to be part of an organisation that I believe in, and one that lives up to its values.

I feel blessed to have a lifelong passion in gymnastics and I love coaching and teaching lifelong skills. I believe gymnastics offers everyone the opportunity to have a go and feel like they are part of something.

Do you have a favourite PCYC Queensland moment?

I love teaching young people and nurturing them along their journeys. I am proud of the long-term relationships we build with our members – there are many gymnasts who have been with the club for years, and who are now bringing their own children back!

There are many young gymnasts who I have mentored along the way, who have then gone onto become junior coaches themselves, and I find it very rewarding to instil that passion in others.

One of my gymnasts started with us in Recreational gymnastics, then in her last years of high school became a beginner coach. Now she is fully accredited, and in the throes of becoming an Advanced Coach, and she is still at PCYC Hervey Bay!

I also love our club’s Hollywood Walk of Fame – where if you manage to stay for 10 consecutive years at the club, you earn yourself 10 stars!

To find out more about PCYC Hervey Bay gymnastics and more, call the club on 4124 5211 or visit the club page.