Member of the Month: Meet Teah MacPherson from PCYC Ashmore

member of the month Teah Macpherson

How long have you been working out at PCYC Queensland?

I have recently relocated to the Gold Coast with my brother and started training at PCYC Ashmore in March 2021.

Tell us how your fitness journey is going?

My fitness journey has been tracking really well, I have recently been recovering from an injury that I have had since November 2020 – a tear in my plantar fascia that I got from running. I am a 100/200m sprinter and train at PCYC Ashmore with my coaches Tony and Alison Fairweather. I am on the road to recovery and will be back running very soon.

Why did you choose to train at PCYC Queensland?

I chose to train at PCYC Queensland as it is the gym that my coaches also have trained at for a long time, it’s a great community with an awesome setup!

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

That is a tough one, my favourite exercises would have to be squats/power cleans!

What is your favourite class?

I am yet to try many of the classes that are on offer, but I have tried a yoga class and it was fantastic! It’s nice to try something that you haven’t done before.

How often do you visit the gym?

I visit the gym 5-6 days per week.

What is your next fitness goal?

My fitness goals at this current point in time is to get my foot injury recovered in order for myself to get back running on the athletics track. My goal is to become a professional sprinter.

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