PCYC Ashmore senior’s fitness improving quality of life

Gold Coast seniors are improving their fitness and their quality of life through PCYC Ashmore’s 24/7 gym+fitness centre.

Seniors are encouraged to visit the community gym for fitness and friendship, with over 50s classes offered daily with supportive and caring fitness professionals.

The Mature and Determined Seniors (MADS) classes at PCYC Ashmore aim to improve mobility and fitness in seniors and reduce isolation by offering a welcoming social environment.

Paula Ellul, who has been a member of the PCYC Ashmore gym for over 11 years, said the gym has changed her life.

“I didn’t expect the social benefits of going to a gym. Years later and now in my seventies I continue to train regularly. My weight is in a healthy range, I am much fitter, my mobility has improved, and my depression is long gone. I am now much more outgoing and have made lifelong friends,” said Ms Ellul.

“The trainers are caring, respectful and always encouraging. It is a happy, safe environment for seniors who might feel threatened going alone as there is no judgement or competitiveness, and you will be surprised how quickly your life changes,” she said.

Diane Heffernan agrees with her friend and has been with the gym since 2017.

“I was made incredibly welcome at PCYC Ashmore despite my lack of fitness. The MADS group is made up of seniors of all ages who are there to improve their fitness and support and encourage each other. Many of us socialise out of class and I feel privileged to belong to such a lovely group of people,” said Ms Heffernan.

“The instructors genuinely care, and the effort and energy they put into improving the quality of life of participants is amazing,” she said.

PCYC Ashmore branch manager Sergeant Craig Green said the 24/7 gym was an inclusive, community hub.

“Our gym supports all ages and all fitness levels, but we are incredibly proud of our MADS group, with over 100 seniors participating in classes each week,” said Sergeant Green.

“Our 24/7 gym is a great way to get fit for members of all ages, as our wonderful community gym also helps to support our youth development programs,” he said.

PCYC Queensland operates 38 gym+fitness centres around the state, 27 of which are 24/7. For more information contact PCYC Ashmore on 5539 5774 or visit www.pcyc.org.au.