PCYC Bornhoffen a winner at the Outdoors Queensland Awards 2019

PCYC Bornhoffen is proud to be amongst the winners at the Outdoors Queensland Awards 2019, taking home The Queensland Government Encouraging Participation Award for the Thrive Project, and The Outdoors Queensland Distinguished Achievers Award for achieving three consecutive awards since inception.

PCYC Bornhoffen manager Arron Sullivan is thrilled to be awarded for the innovative Thrive Project delivered collaboratively with Children’s Health Queensland for more than 10 years, working with young burns patients to develop their social and emotional capability.

“Through experiential learning, outdoor recreation and trauma-informed practices to support young burns patients to begin thriving post-injury, our interagency collaboration with Children’s Health Queensland has resulted in significant positive outcomes for young people, their families and health care workers,” said Mr Sullivan.

“The Thrive Project supports young people through three initiatives blending outdoor recreation working with young people, mentors and allied health professionals in a hospital setting to support patients to be more socially and emotionally aware, with increased resilience and comfort in themselves,” he said.

Children’s Health Queensland occupational therapy consultant and director of Camp Oz (Burns Camp) Dr Megan Simons said the Thrive Project provided an invaluable contribution to a child or young person’s recovery journey after a burn injury.

“On top of the physical changes and scarring, children with burns can also experience a range of emotional challenges as a result of their injury. Our long-standing partnership with PCYC Bornhoffen complements all the clinical treatments and therapies, by giving children with burn injuries a chance to have fun, enjoy new adventures, experience personal and leadership development, and make new friends with shared experiences,” said Dr Simons.

Located on the spectacular Gold Coast Hinterland, PCYC Bornhoffen works with school outdoor education programs, community organisations and other non-profits to deliver diverse leadership learning and adventure experiences and group accommodation.

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