PCYC Carindale’s Youth Shed Mentoring Program team build furniture for state office

PCYC Carindale Youth Shed Mentoring Program participants recently discussed what they could build to support a worthy community organisation.

Ten boys aged between 12 to 15 years of age, soon decided that they would like to help the hardworking people at PCYC Queensland’s state office, by building them outdoor furniture to use as a lunch table!

Over 10 weeks, PCYC Carindale program participants, volunteers and Carina Men’s Shed members worked together to build and deliver a quality outdoor table and chairs set for use at state office.

During the 10 weeks, boys learnt the skills associated with sawing, drilling and construction, and collectively built a wonderful, sturdy and practical furniture set, welcomed by all at state office.

PCYC Carindale branch manager Sergeant David Beard said the Youth Shed Mentoring program is a wonderful way to indirectly foster positive relationships between the police and members of the community.

“The boys that come into the program are generally identified as being ‘at risk’ for a variety of reasons,” said Sergeant Beard.

“However by the end of the program, great friendships are formed and positive mindsets have been developed – not to mention some great quality items of furniture being made!” he said.

“I am really pleased with this latest project of outdoor furniture for state office and the way the boys came together, and they were thrilled that the furniture was so welcomed by the staff,” he said.

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