PCYC Gladstone employee retires after 28 years

The team at PCYC Gladstone recently said a sad farewell to long-serving team member Jose (Jo), who began working for the club in 1991.

For 28 years, Jo has been a familiar face known by all our members and has been an integral part of the PCYC Gladstone team.

Commencing as a cleaner/handyman and going onto take on different roles including bus driver, Jo’s job roles with PCYC Gladstone evolved over the years. Throughout his career, many staff and Police Officers have come and gone at the club, and Jo still spoke of the good old Police Youth Club days.

Jo and his partner Eve were very involved in the early years with establishing the boxing club set up by Gary Cowburn and assisted with many fundraising events.

After 28 years, Jo has enjoyed the way PCYC Gladstone has changed, developed and grown and has been there to support the staff, programs and community throughout it all.

Jo was celebrated and presented with a certificate and gifts as a thank you for his many years of service and will be sorely missed by all at the PCYC Gladstone team who wish him well in his retirement.