PCYC Gladstone member an inspiration to others

PCYC Gladstone has seen its fair share of inspirational members, but Texas-born Shody Henshaw is in a league of his own.

At the end of 2015, Shody was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer and spent the following three years in battle with the disease. During his fight Shody initially underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and was in remission at the end of 2016.  In April 2017, routine scans showed several large, aggressive tumours and Shody was told he only had weeks to live. With few options available to him and a positive attitude, he began a clinical trial in order to combat the tumours. After two years in the trial, Shody is back in remission and no sign of active tumours have been found.

During his battle, Shody never ceased going to the gym and making his fitness and physical health a priority. Shody’s outlook on life is such an inspiration and his story demonstrates how he overcame barriers to his fitness and health, but in life in general.

He has been heard saying, “You know, I could have gone home and crawled in bed feeling sick and looked out the windows and cried for myself and how unfair it was I was diagnosed with cancer and just gave up on life. Or, I could keep living life every day just as I always had, going to the gym, out with friends, spending time with my partner George and my daughter and not worrying about anything but today. That’s what I chose to do!”

Our PCYC Gladstone community salutes you Shody, you are an inspiration to others and remind us everyday of what we’re capable of, if we have the right attitude and the desire to achieve!

Watch Shody tell his story here.

If you’d like to find out about joining the PCYC Gladstone gym where Shody currently trains, please contact the club today.