PCYC Gladstone producing champions

PCYC Gladstone gym member Freddie attends the gym on a regular basis in order to keep fit, achieve his expanding goals and develop his powerlifting techniques.

Freddie loves the gym not only for its variety and availability of equipment, but also for the comfortable, relaxed environment and friendly members. He says that the atmosphere facilitates a positive state of mind and enables him to focus.

The unique combination we have at PCYC Gladstone has certainly paid off for Freddie, with him recently placing third in his first Brisbane Powerlifting championship, the BNB Brawn II. Freddie found the competition to be a very rewarding experience that left him feeling even more motivated and ready to prepare for his next competition in November.

Here at PCYC Gladstone, we love being able to provide our members with the exact facility they need, whatever their goals may be. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before, PCYC Gladstone is the place for you!

New members can choose to be a part of our free ‘Fresh Start’ program where they are shown which equipment to use and how to use it in order to achieve their goals. On the other end of the scale, we have the capacity to help members like Freddie become champions and win competitions.

PCYC Gladstone staff all wish Freddie the best of luck in his upcoming competition and hope that we can only continue to help him achieve his goals and the goals of all our members into the future.

If you’d like to join our amazing gym, contact us here or simply drop in anytime for a visit!