PCYC Gymnastics giving back to community

This year, PCYC Queensland is excited to launch our new gymnastics pathways program, including KinderGym, Recreational Gymnastics, Performance Gymnastics and Gym Sports. The seamless pathways program allows individuals to experience gymnastics at any level. PCYC Queensland has accredited coaches, who are highly motivated and encourage participants to progress through the gymnastics journey at an individual pace. Our program is tailored to the differing needs of individuals, whether they are serious competitors or just wanting to have some fun.

Our KinderGym program is aimed at children five years and under and involves parents and caregivers. For those who are just wanting to have some gymnastics fun, our Recreational program ticks all the boxes! The inclusive, progressive and non-competitive program is open to all ages and abilities. Students are able to advance through the syllabus at an individual pace, guided by the quality coaching and support.

Our Performance Gymnastics program is a competitive, ability-based skill development program providing an opportunity for you to train, perform and compete in the Australian National Levels (National Level 4 to National Level 10), with our fully qualified and accredited coaches.

Finally, our Gym Sports is a great addition to our gymnastics program, offering a wonderful fitness and opportunity for all abilities. We have a diverse range of sports on offer, ranging from Parkour (FreeG), tumbling and Team Gym to Ninja Warrior classes, strength classes, adult classes and seniors movement programs.

Start your gymnastics journey with PCYC Queensland, and give back to the community. You make the difference! Get involved, find out how or donate now.

PCYC Queensland clubs play a vital role in the lives of over 50,000 young people each year to have positive experiences, get involved in a range of sports and activities, and benefit from great mentors and community leaders including our serving police officers. Many of the young people we support are at risk, disadvantaged or disengaged.

Contact your local club to ask about our gymnastics program or submit an enquiry form to find out more!