PCYC Lang Park coach named KinderGym Coach of the Year!

Congratulations to our wonderful PCYC Lang Park gymnastics coach Wendy Nicol, who has recently named the 2019 Gymnastics for All KinderGym Coach of the Year! Hear Wendy’s story below.

When did you start at PCYC Queensland?  

I started as the KinderGym Coach with PCYC Lang Park in November 2019.

What made you become a gymnastics coach? 

Gymnastics has always been my favourite sport. I started gymnastics when I was eight and although I was never a great athlete, I loved balancing on the beam, swinging on the bars, and turning upside down.

Now, coaching lets me remain involved in a sport I love and lets me help children develop confidence in their bodies and their minds through gymnastics.

What do you like most about working at PCYC Queensland?

I like working for an organisation that aims to bring the local community together. I like that PCYC Queensland offers healthy activities at affordable prices so that as many people in our community as possible can participate.

What are your personal and professional highlights? 

My greatest personal achievement is my family. I have been married for 33 years and my husband and I have three wonderful children.

Professionally I have had many highlights and have been privileged to have worked with many amazing people. My most recent highlight was helping to establish KinderGym at PCYC Lang Park and in 2019 more than 300 children participated in the program.

Currently I am proud to be working with some amazing PCYC coaches helping to bring gymnastics into the homes of our members whilst the clubs are closed due to COVID-19.

What does this Gymnastics Award for KinderGym Coach of the Year mean to you?

I am proud to serve my sport, and I am very grateful that the gymnastics community have recognised my efforts!

What are you most excited about for the future of PCYC Queensland?

Now more than ever, communities need to come together. Gymnastics is a sport that all people regardless of age, size, gender and ability can participate in, and benefit from.

I am really excited that PCYC Queensland has recognised the value of gymnastics and I hope that we can continue to build strong healthy communities by encouraging as many people as possible to participate in such a dynamic and inclusive sport.

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