PCYC Mount Isa fundraising ‘Queen’!

Recently crowned the 2019 Mount Isa Rodeo Queen as part of the annual Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Queen Quest, PCYC Queensland congratulates Acting Senior Constable Aimee Sewell on her amazing fundraising efforts over the last 12 months, raising the astounding amount of $80,174 for PCYC Mount Isa and the local Mount Isa community.

Aimee and her support team dubbed ‘Aimee’s Army’ tirelessly fundraised for the past year, and her inspirational efforts show what can be achieved to support PCYC Queensland through community engagement.

As one of seven entrants in the year-long competition, Ms Sewell said she chose to raise funds for PCYC Mount Isa because its programs and services assist with building a safer, healthier community through positive youth development.

“I am passionate about youth development,” said Ms Sewell.

“The rodeo had the ability to bring all community members together and Isa Queen Quest is a great platform to promote community safety and to strengthen my relationships with my community,” she said.

Aimee’s fundraising activities varied from cyber safety presentations, raffles, community discos, movie and trivia nights, to being a buck’s party driver to reduce drink driving and even a 24-hour exercise challenge!

“I had 80 people I could call on and 30 of them turned up to the Big Dirt and Dust Festival when I needed help with bar management at Julia Creek and that’s four-and-a-half hours away,” she said.

“I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

PCYC Mount Isa branch manager Sergeant Bernie Strow said they were so proud of Senior Constable Sewell and were privileged to have her support.

“We acknowledge the huge efforts Aimee and her army put in and we look forward to benefiting the community further, by using this money locally,” said Sergeant Strow.

“Aimee has achieved a remarkable result for the local Mount Isa community, and we are thrilled and truly thankful for the work and effort that has gone into her campaign promoting PCYC Queensland,” she said.

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