PCYC Queensland changing Jesse’s story

Jesse had a very difficult childhood, dominated by domestic violence and bullying. He was filled with anger, had no real direction or confidence, and was too scared to tell anyone what he was experiencing in his life.

As a result, he started to disengage with everyday life and had to withdraw from mainstream schooling. Jesse was at risk of following a very destructive and negative lifestyle, with damaging outcomes.

“When I was younger, like when I first started school, even kindergarten, I was bullied all through school until high school. My dad was like abusive towards me for twelve years straight when my mum left, and I was scared to tell anyone,” said Jesse.

Through a friend, Jesse was referred to his local PCYC Queensland club. At his club, Jesse was offered practical and emotional support and mentoring to encourage him to make more positive life choices and start participating in sport, including boxing and yoga.

At his first boxing class, Jesse wasn’t even able to do one push up, but by trusting his mentor’s encouragement, he stuck at it. Jesse’s story immediately started to change.

“I actually calm down most of the time from me doing my boxing. My first time going to the boxing class we did work outs and stuff. I couldn’t even do a push up! Now I’m really calm, and I can actually talk to people sometimes,” he said.

Life could have been very different for Jesse.

Through the PCYC Queensland’s support, Jesse was able to change his story. Not only did Jesse go on to finish his high school education, he participating in the PCYC Braking the Cycle program to gain his driver’s licence – giving him the new found confidence to set personal goals and build hope for a positive future.

“I’m more of a positive person than I was back then. It’s like a safe place for anyone. Practically, you don’t have to worry about anything or nothing. You meet new people, talk to new people. Not really worry about much. Just get along with anyone,” he said.

Today, Jesse is working, having landed his dream job as a landscaping apprentice.

Jesse credits PCYC Queensland’s staff, volunteers and serving police officers in changing his story, and he wants to encourage other young people across Australia to get involved with PCYC Queensland programs to change their story too.

“Without PCYC, I would always be angry, always giving up and never looking at anyone or even having the confidence to be around people. So lucky for me, PCYC helped me,” he said.

You can change the story of a young Queenslander like Jesse who is at risk, disadvantaged or disengaged. Please support a young person to change their story by donating or making a regular monthly gift today.