PCYC Queensland’s Community Programs in Action

PCYC Queensland is passionate about creating a positive impact within the community, particularly through our dedication to youth development, crime prevention and community engagement. With that in mind, we would like to introduce one of our special PCYC Queensland members, Jo-Nesha. Jo-Nesha is a 14-year-old girl from Cairns, who has become an active member and leader within her community.

Jo-Nesha’s PCYC Queensland journey began by attending activities at her local PCYC club that aimed to positively engage young people. Through her participation in these activities, Jo-Nesha’s leadership potential was highlighted and she was encouraged to further her leadership development. PCYC Queensland’s Participate, Lead, Champion (PLC) program and the ‘We all dance- 3M project’ were just the beginning of Jo-Nesha’s incredible leadership journey. With careful encouragement from her PCYC community, Jo-Nesha progressed to also complete her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and Level 1 State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP). These programs provided Jo-Nesha with the support to develop and utilise her strong leadership skills.

PCYC Queensland are committed to developing long term relationships with members in our community. These leadership skills have created such a positive impact on Jo-Nesha’s life and improved her self-confidence.  We are proud of Jo-Nesha’s achievements and look forward to continuing her positive experiences.