PCYC Queensland’s inaugural Dukes Games a success!

Developed in celebration of The Duke of Ed (DoE) Australia’s 60th year, PCYC Queensland held the inaugural Dukes Games on Saturday, 5 October at PCYC Bundaberg.

PCYC Bundaberg was chosen as the venue for the inaugural Games, as they operate one of the longest and most successful PCYC Queensland DoE programs, the Blazers, who are well loved and supported by their community.

Supported by His Royal Highness Prince Edward who presented PCYC Queensland with a custom commemorative Earl of Wessex Shield during his recent Australian visit, the Dukes Games brought together 45 individual members and 12 teams of ‘Dukers’ from across the state for a fun day of skill, teamwork and adventure in a non-competitive environment.

Throughout the event, participants took part in a number of activities including physical recreation, skill building and adventurous journeying.

PCYC Queensland General Manager Youth Programs Steve Tillston said it was the first Dukes Games to be held not only in Queensland, but in Australia.

“The participants were assessing themselves and scoring themselves on how they participated in a team,” said Mr Tillston.

“The self-assessment was important for each individual to look at how they performed in a number of categories and reflect on how did they perform as a team, were they united? Did they participate fully? They are the sorts of questions they were encouraged to think about,” he said.

“So when people may think if they just want to win it, they will score themselves a five, but then they would have to think about it they were being honest with themselves.”

“These are all aspiring leaders and they all really want to serve their community well.”

Mr Tillston said the Dukes Games participants were self-nominated and all but one team were from PCYC Queensland clubs, which was wonderful to see.

“The vision is as this event grows and develops, we want to invite community and other external groups, so we have a broader, richer and more diverse event,” he said.

Exuding the spirit of the Award on the day, the Mount Gravatt Mountaineers team were presented with the prestigious Earl of Wessex Shield for perpetual recognition until next year’s event.

Check out all the action on the Dukes Games video!

PCYC Queensland is one of Queensland’s leading facilitators of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program, with over 25 Award Centres across the state, aimed at developing young people between 14 and 25 into leaders.

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